Membership Rates

The Inch Marlo golf course membership is open to all interested parties despite their age group. As such, its membership rates are dependent on members’ age group and membership classification. The classifications include; seniors, adults, couples, youths, students and juniors. Despite the classification, all members are entitled to equal rights within the golf course like access to the clubhouse and all its unique facilities. Annual membership subscriptions are ideal for players who are passionate about golf and believe that Inch Marlo is the perfect training and playing ground.

As a subscription reward, members enjoy unlimited use of the golf course and its facilities, discounted prices and participation in most golf tournaments and events held at the golf course. For instance, some junior and youth tournaments are open to members with handicaps. Also, members’ spouses, kids, guests and other close family members are allowed to enjoy the golf course facilities and privileges like anytime play during weekdays, weekends and holidays. The membership rates vary and are explained in detail under the applicable fees and rates section. But, as aforementioned, juniors are changed less while adults attract higher charges.