The Inch Marlo golf course consists of 9 holes, and games kick off on a teeing ground and finish once the player gets the ball in a hole on the putting surface or green ground. A flagstick is set to display where the holes are located. Each hole consists of a par of three, four, or five. On longer pars like four or five, players strive to hit the fairway at the first shot before reaching the green with subsequent strokes. On the par three, the player strives to get the ball to the green at the first stroke.

Different grass heights are used between the teeing area and the green in a bid to increase playing difficulty and challenge bad or novice players. However, the tee must have closely mown grass and a level stance so that players have a decent attempt at the first stroke. The fairway features good lies and short grass while the rough features longer grass and other vegetation that increase the game’s difficulty. The green is closely mown to offer a smooth and ideal putting surface. Such features make the course unique and as a result make the game more enjoyable, challenging and educative especially for junior players.