Inch Marlo golf course is situated in a beautiful and quiet location ideal for the game. It’s a 30-minute drive from Aberdeen. It offers a great 9-hole round, a 20 bay driving range, and a pro-shop. The golfing center is surrounded by stone circles, castles, and hill forts while buzzards and eagles soar above the golf course, offering a breathtaking and ideal location for golfing. Additionally, Inch Marlo golf course is just about 15 miles from the Cairngorm national park.

Players can indulge in the unobstructed Scolty hill view as they practice on the excellent 20 bay private driving range. This course has been rated as one of the best golfing experiences in North America.. Moreover, the golf course is accessible all year round and is ideal for all players from juniors, youths, adults and seniors. It is also ideal for golf lessons offered to novice players and veteran players preparing for a tournament. Inch Marlo hires the best golf professionals dedicated to offering custom training services.


Under 15 and under 18 junior opens and stable-fords

Participants for these age group competitions are determined based on their age as of 1st January every year. So, you are eligible to participate if you are under 15 and 18 at the beginning of the year. Unlike the under 12 flags, under 15 and under 18 charge about £4. Additionally, to participate in the tournament you must be a club member and possess an official handicap. As such, you must be signed in at the main golf course website to make tournament and event bookings as well as make payments in advance.
There are numerous under 15 and 18 stable-fords and junior open …

Under 10s and 12s flag

This flag event will be held on 20th May 2018 and is open to both boys and girls under the age of 12. Since it is more of a golf introductory tournament for kids, it is administered through a fun and friendly playing format executed on a shortened course. However, the kids must be supervised by their guardian or parents. To enhance competition adults must not advise the kids or give them tips on how to play during the tournament. This also ensures a fair playing ground for all participants.
This kids’ tournament charges a fair price of £3 per participating kid. The payment must be made prior to the tournament date as a sign of …